Sunday, June 30, 2013

Olney Crafts & Antiques Market

Getting up at 5 makes for a long day y'all.  Getting up at 5, and the hauling furniture in heat and humidity makes for an even longer day.  I need a light-weight hobby.  But we had fun!  Thanks to everyone who visited us at the Olney Crafts & Antiques Market today!  

We met some awesome people, especially the lovely Heidi and Chris (and Jacob!) who were selling painted furniture in the tent next to us.  It was nice to chat with someone who does what I do and learn they go through the same trials and tribulations. 

We debuted a few new furniture friends today.  This guy came back with us from our Pennsylvania haul.

He's my farm chair and I love how raw he is.  For our pint-sized furniture lovers we have Aurora.

I swear y'all.  If this chair were a little bigger (or my rear a little smaller), this would totally be my new desk chair.  We also showed off this lovely lady today as well.

I picked her up at the same estate sale where I snagged Joan.  She's old, and she's gorgeous.  Maybe that makes her a cougar? 

We had so much fun this Sunday in Olney, we're going to head back next Sunday the 7th so be sure to come check us out!  Due to the memorial service for our friends son, we won't be able to attend the White Oak Market on Saturday the 6th as scheduled.  Swing by Olney on Sunday instead!  We'll be there from 9 to 1, come out and say hi!

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