Thursday, June 13, 2013

Watch Out Seacrets, Here She Comes...

Alright y'all, this little lady is just about ready for the beach.  The client requested the chest be turquoise, with a grey wash finish.  Remember, this is what she looked like when we got her almost a month ago.

First we stripped her.

Then we primed her.

Next we painted her.

Tonight, we washed her.

I'm really excited with how she turned out!  The wash finish helps enhance her character and makes her a truly one of a kind piece.  Can't you totally see her spending the rest of her days in a window nook, overlooking sea grass and sand dunes?!  Placing some bright throw pillows on her will allow her color to pop even more.  Imagine how nice a coral would complement her...

Speaking of coral I met another awesome furniture lover this evening!  Our new friend Kim came over and met with me to talk about this guy.

That's Quincy and he's totally going to be a coral desk.  Should I change his name?  I will support him in whatever lifestyle he chooses.

Anyway, Kim was initially interested in this handsome devil, Dylan.

Alas, the colors weren't quite right because she was looking for something in turquoise or coral.

That's when I introduced her to Quincy.  

We went over colors tonight and I showed her our coral bathroom to let her know I am totally on board with her color choice.  It's like her, me, and Quincy were all just meant to be.  I'm excited to get started on this guy! 

If you ever see a piece that I've done that you like, but isn't quite what you're looking for, let me know what it is you had in mind.  I have a fair amount of furniture in my basement just waiting for make-overs.  I post plenty of "before" pictures on here of the pieces I drag home, so if there's a "before" piece you're interested in, let me know!  So long as I haven't started working on it yet, I'm always happy to customize one of my pieces to become one of your pieces.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear what you think about the beach chest! 

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