Thursday, June 27, 2013

German Shepherd Strong

Remember Joan?

Well I received an update tonight on how she's doing at her forever home.

Looks like she's doing great!  I'm glad to learn she's preferred by the German Shepherds in the house.  Next time we'll build one that's big enough for both of them.

Wait till these guys check out the next piece that's coming to live with them.

She's still a work in progress, hence the wood filler, but this is a custom piece I'm working on for a wonderful repeat customer.  She was interested in a buffet, and did I happen to have anything that would work?  Never, ever, under estimate what I have in my basement.  Seriously.  I had this lady hanging out, she looked like this.

The client came over, and checked it out, we talked colors, she chose what she wanted and now here we are.  Some significant sanding, filling, and priming, and she's almost ready to go to her new home!  While she may be spoken for, she does have a brother that I haven't done anything with yet.

He's a handsome vanity that matches the dresser turned buffet.  Interested in having it customized to your color specifications?  Let me know, and let's talk colors! Outside of the traditional space for a vanity, I think he'd look gorgeous in a foyer.  He's been serving as my full length mirror for months now, and it would be nice to do a once over of my outfit as I'm heading out the door instead of heading into the basement to look at myself from all angles.  

More updates coming tomorrow.  I've got a couple new, smaller pieces that will be at our show this weekend that I'm excited about! 

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