Sunday, June 16, 2013

Road Trip - The Sequel

Happy Sunday!  Can't believe it's already Sunday night, where does the weekend go?  Oh right, our weekend went to Pennsylvania!  I headed back up to PA yesterday, this time with the boyfriend and the truck to pick up the rest of the awesome furniture I couldn't bring back last weekend.  But before we even made it out of our neighborhood I picked up this handsome lady.

How awesome is she!  We need to repair the legs a little bit but beyond that I kind of don't want to do much to her.  She's perfect just the way she is.

On to our "imported" finds!  I'm loving this little guy; the store I snagged him from had him staged as a small side table with just a lamp on him.  I love that idea!

I'll paint him up, but not much else.  His chippy-ness is what gives him his charm!

Need some chairs?  I now have 13 different chairs in my basement.  These three joined the rest of the gang yesterday.

I love chairs, and I think they're a great way to incorporate color and character into any space.  And the best part?  They serve a purpose because who doesn't like to sit down.

The biggest piece of our haul was this vintage kitchen table and chair set.

We're thinking that's a fiberglass top, which is in pretty good condition considering it's age.  It spent the last part of it's life on a screened in porch, so the legs of the table and chairs are pretty rusted.  But the vinyl of the chairs is in great condition, and I'm thinking we'll work some turquoise in on the wood trim of the table.  Turquoise and red is my favorite vintage color combo and I can't wait to try it out!

Since we spent yesterday in the truck, today I had to hustle to try to get some stuff done!  I was finally able to take advantage of some Spray Paint Weather, and then this happened.

Well then.  Just make yourself comfortable.  On my drop cloth.  In spite of The World's Tiniest Dictator's nap time, I still managed to complete this darling vintage metal shelf.

Believe it or not, that's the original color of the shelf.  I managed to match it - so seamlessly in fact that I had a hard time distinguishing between what was wet and what was dry.  It looks great, and I really kind of want to hang it in my bathroom.  But alas, I'm a giver, and it'll be at the next show!

Today I also tried a turquoise wash on the beach chest.  This was at the suggestion of the client and I'm kind of jealous I didn't think of it first.  Check it out!

While I was washing the chest, I wanted to try it out on one of the chairs we brought home yesterday.

I'll take better pictures tomorrow when the sun is out, but so far, I'm kind of digging it.  It's a wash, so it's not a perfect finish.  But the chair wasn't perfect to begin with, and that's why I like it.   Should I do the same thing on the other chair?  I'm thinking yes.  These guys will be at the next show, and they'll soon be listed in the For Sale section of the site.  

The downside of all the awesome turquoise washing?  It looks like I got the manicure ever.  

The Little Blue Table, The Little Blue Chair, and now The Little Blue Mani.  

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  1. how cool is that chest? I think you should spray paint the dictator!!!