Monday, June 17, 2013

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

This gorgeous girl went to a new home tonight!

And the best news?  She's going to be in a wedding!  How cool is that?!  Someone liked my stuff enough to be in their wedding, I'm so thrilled and she'll be such a gorgeous detail.  

But as one mirror leaves, another one to take it's place!  Meet Molly.

Molly is showing her age some as some of her mirroring is fading, but that's what makes her amazing.  Her solid wood framed has been painted in Annie Sloane's Duck Egg Blue chalk paint, and lightly distressed.  She has wire along the back so she can hang.  At one point she must have hung from a dresser, hence the knobs.  Either way she's gorgeous, and she's in the Items for Sale section of the site.  Mention you saw her on my site, and receive 10% off!

I also had time tonight to work on my turquoise chair that I washed yesterday, from here on out known as the Chippy Chair.  She got a good sanding, which made me sweat, so my apologies to the wonderful girl who just came to pick up Candra in case I smelled.  Anyway, here's Chippy now!

She's distressed pretty heavily, and the only thing left to do is seal her up with some poly.  I love her and am secretly thinking of places I can stick her.  You see, her finish was imperfect to start, which is part of her charm.  She was a little drippy, and crackley.  Giving her a wash in turquoise helps to accentuate her imperfections.  She'll have a twin that'll look identical.  Two turquoise Chippy Chairs, what's not to love!  I have to remember to steal borrow some rubber gloves from work.  Since I rag my washes on, I received lots of questions about my Tiffany Blue manicure.   

But for now I must go.  The World's Tiniest Dictator just jumped up on the coffee table, drank out of my glass, and proceeded to walk across said coffee table before hopping down.  Clearly we need a lesson in boundaries.  Or at the very least a reminder to walk across the furniture when Momma's not in the room.

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