Wednesday, June 12, 2013

People Who Aren't My Mom Read My Blog!

Disclaimer:  There are a lot of words in this post.  I apologize in advance.

In the past three days I've heard from more people that are complete strangers (and totally not my mom, or my best friend, or my co-workers), that read my blog!  

That is SO stinkin' cool.  

Yes, I realize that is the whole point of this medium, but it's always nice to know that people read my stuff.  Before I rehabbed furniture, and before I managed associations, I was first and foremost a journalism major.  Anytime someone reads anything that I write, I still get an awesome journalistic high; people who don't know me care enough to read what I write.  Or at least care enough to gloss over what I write to hurry up and get to the pictures.  Except when I write meeting minutes because those are pretty boring and I'm pretty sure nobody reads those anyway.

The point of all this is to say thank you.  Thank you to those of you that have reached out, thank you to those of you who are just stopping by and are wondering what's up with all the nonsensical rambling about stuff that isn't furniture.  Even if you're not interested in anything I have to offer, now or ever, don't ever be afraid to say hi.  Except if you don't like what I have to say, then maybe we can just agree to disagree and keep it movin'.  

One of the reasons I started all of this (the furniture, the blog, etc.) is to show people they don't have to settle for mediocre furniture.  To the 22-year-old who just got her first apartment and is desperate for furniture, you don't have to settle.  I was you once, and I was lucky enough to have a mom that dragged me (very early in the morning on Saturdays) to yard sales and flea markets every weekend to acquire pieces that had character and were affordable for me at the time.  There is a part of me that will forever be 22 in my first apartment, and that part of me comes to life when I paint a piece of furniture.  I'm painting it for my 22-year-old self and I just have to hope like hell that other people like it as much as I do.  

Also to the 22-year-old in her first apartment - stop texting that boy who only seems to have time for you when he's bored and/or drunk.  That will not end well.

A great piece of furniture goes beyond 22-year-olds.  It's classic, it's timeless, and I believe it's one of the great equalizers.  Everyone loves and appreciates a nicely done piece.  So no matter your age, we all have at least one sentimental piece of furniture we can't dare to part with but we still kind of hate to look at.  It's ok to admit that, and it's ok to want to paint it.  Remember, that's how the beach chest started.  It belonged to the client's grandmother and it was in bad shape.  It sat in basement storage.  Now it's getting a new lease on life and will be used and appreciated.  Is the piece any less sentimental?  Absolutely not, it's even more beloved than before because it's being used and admired.   

Speaking of the beach chest, how about a quick update.  
She's now topless and on her back... But she's never looked better!

Here's her top!

Tomorrow she gets washed, fingers crossed all goes well.  
Check back tomorrow for the end result (I hope!).

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