Monday, June 10, 2013

Tornado Warnings & Lamp Shades

Before I'm deemed irresponsible let me first say that technically the tornado warning was over.  And it didn't seem particularly tornado-y outside.  I had a vision and I had to see if my vision would work.  I realize tornados don't give a flying squirrel about my visions or ideas, but I braved the storm and my vision worked.  It was all for this little lady.

This is the lamp I brought home the other night after my road trip.  She was re-wired by my boss which I'm pretty sure makes him a direct descendent of Thomas Edison or Ben Franklin.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with the shade that was on it, but I wanted to try to overcome my fear of all things lamp-related and try a new shade. 

I know - a new lamp shade, very revolutionary.  Baby steps y'all.

Anyway, I found a shade I liked, but I had to remove the lamp harp to get it to work.  I didn't know if this could be done, but evidently it can and I did.  So I headed back out to pick up the shade to see if the colors would work.  They did.  And now I'm even more in love.

I think she's going to come hang out with me in my office.  A little ambient lighting couldn't hurt, plus if she ever needs to randomly be re-wired again, Thomas Edison works right next door. 

Quick beach chest update - she's topless and primed!

We spackled her tonight to work out some of her scratches, which we'll sand tomorrow.  And then she'll FINALLY be ready for paint.  I picked up her paint last night, a baby blue.  She's going to have a grey wash finish.  Colors inspired by the ocean, so she'll be perfect for the beach.  A wash is a great way to incorporate another color into a piece without a full-on two tone look.

Now that I sound like I know what I'm talking about, let's hope I can make it work.   

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