Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beach Chest Update

I need a name for this little lady.  Calling her the Beach Chest just seems rude at this point.  We've gotten to know each other on such a personal level, and I can't even call her by name.  Any suggestions?

Ok so here she was before:

Well, she's been stripped!  See, I told you I knew her intimately...

Isn't she stunning?  I think she's beautiful.  She hasn't been sanded yet, so the scratches are still on the top, but we'll be able to fill and even those out.  We also need to re-secure her bottom apron since it's coming loose, and we are going to re-attach some of the veneer that is starting to pull.  This will help keep it from chipping off all together down the road.  Preventative measures, if you will, to keep her looking her best longer. 

I love her and couldn't be more pleased with her cooperation thus far.  Let's hope it continues.

Now an update wouldn't be an update if I didn't share with you some unfortunate furniture I've dragged home.  I know someone who is looking for a lamp table.  You know, one of those tables where the lamp and the table are one, and it plugs into the wall?  Well I'd been keeping my eye out but hadn't seen any that I really loved, and normally I'd avoid something like this all together because lamps make me nervous.  Anything with wires and electricity, makes me nervous.  I'm kind of Amish like that.  I have an irrational fear of electrical fires.  Plus, I get overwhelmed picking out lamp shades.  There are so many!  And they never look right on the lamps I'm trying to re-shade.  So if you've ever seen any of my own lamps, they're awful.  I can't help it.  I'm able to recognize my limitations, and therefore I avoid lamps with their electricity and their shades all together. 

But then someone is looking for one.  So now I am too.  Interestingly enough tonight, I got a text from my cousin.  Not the one who lives like a rapper with 6 garages but my other cousin, the rapper's brother.  Except she doesn't really rap.  And neither does her brother.  But I digress.  My non-rapping cousin sent me a picture of matching twin lamp tables. 

And now here they are in my basement.  I took it as a sign that these happened to be the pieces he'd found.  Not a chair, not a dresser, but lamp tables.  I figured the death knell would be that neither one would work once I was able to test them out, but they both do.  I'm anxious to try to overcome my fear of lamps and see how these guys turn out.

A HUGE thank you to our families for always keeping an eye out for ugly furniture for us.  It really means a lot and we wouldn't be able to keep doing what we do without you.  Each of you are the reason why we are incapable of walking through our basement, and we thank you for it!      

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  1. I would call her Jonny.... (get it?)