Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Late Night Update

I had a conference call this evening for my real job.  It elevated my blood pressure so in an attempt to wind down, I wanted to post a quick update.  Ready to check out the Chippy Chairs?!  Remember, here they were before (the two white chairs).

Also, don't forget about the little BJ table!  His name is not a sexual acronym; that's really what it said on his price tag: BJ.

Well here they are now!


I'm loving the Chippy (and saying Chippy)!

BJ's so cute!  And he's truly unique.  Think rustic, but with a cute, modern color.

Second Chippy Chair!  Since they're Chippy, it's impossible for them to be exactly alike, which is why I like them.  It's the same chair, with the same finish, but each one has it's own identity and charm.   

This little lantern doesn't get the recognition he deserves.  He's been jazzed up in Annie Sloane's Old White.  His doors open to hold a votive or tea candle.  He's the perfect contrasting accessory amongst all the turquoise.

Once again, I'm in love, and want to keep them forever.  Save my boyfriend from a future of furniture hoarding, and check 'em out over in the Items For Sale section!

I started working on this guy tonight.

Well hello there, vintage footlocker!  He came from Road Trip #1 to PA.  I can't wait to share him with you when I'm done, one coat of paint on and I'm already in love.  I know, I know.  I'm getting repetitive.  I can't possibly love all my stuff as much as I say I do.  But I promise you, I do.  The transformation process, the before and after, I love it all.  

Lastly, remember Kenny's coffee table antics the other night?  Things haven't gotten any better... 

   Dude.  I'm right there.  Can you at least WAIT until I'm out of sight? 

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