Monday, June 10, 2013

Road Trip Inspiration

Several times throughout the year my real job requires me to travel.  Normally I fly, but if I can drive I'm totally game for a road trip.  That's what happened this past weekend; I loaded up my car with my Real Job partner-in-crime and we headed to Pittsburgh for a conference.  And she totally didn't let me listen to Taylor Swift once. 

It was a blissfully short trip (seriously, ask us about the time we spent a week in Chicago.  With cadavers.), and the bright spot was coming home but for different reasons than normal.  On the way back we met up with our boss in Bedord, PA so we could visit his vacation home and of course, check out some awesome furniture he no longer wants.  

It's always kind of weird and awkward when my furniture job meets my real job.  And I think The Girl Who Hates Taylor Swift described it best when she said "The weirdest part of this trip is that it isn't weird at all."  

 And she's right.  Because sometimes you're lucky enough to know people who say things like "Follow me, there's a gas station I want you to see" and it's not creepy at all.  And that gas station turns out to be one of the most awesome places you've ever seen.


And when those people say "Now let me show you the coffee pot" you don't think twice. 

Because who wouldn't want to see a giant, old coffee pot on the side of the road?  And while all of this awesomeness is happening, you're with people who don't think it's remotely strange when you want to stop and take pictures of gas stations and coffee pots.  And they even offer to take your picture in the bathroom so that you can remember the eggplant wall color and the amazing double sink.

That's where we ate dinner.  Not in the bathroom, but at Bedford Springs Resort which is where the bathroom is located.

The resort is 200-ish years old and owned by Omni hotels.  They have done a fantastic job of rehabbing and restoring this beast of a property.  When we walked through the lobby, this guy took my breath away.

Seriously, if painted furniture is good enough for Omni, it's good enough for your house. It's a shame the view couldn't have been a little better though.


Please don't make me explain sarcasm.

We ended the day with pie and ice cream followed by mallow cups for the ride home.  It was all totally worth driving home in the middle of the night.  And I'm fortunate enough to come home to a man who doesn't question why I'm getting home after midnight carrying a lamp instead of my luggage.
The moral of the story?  

Not every business trip has to suck. 

It's ok to want to live in a gas station or a coffee pot.  

Taylor Swift should be mandatory on every road trip.

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  1. One day Taylor Swift will be appreciated...... maybe...

    Had an awesome time this weekend!