Sunday, July 7, 2013

Custom Furniture Friends

First I want to post a quick update on the Beach Chest!  I got a picture of her in her natural habitat, and she looks FANTASTIC.  Check her out!

That's her being used as a coffee table - how great does she look in that space!  She sat unused in a basement for several years, and now she has a new purpose, a new life and is a piece of furniture with meaning to the client.  I love it, and the client does too which makes the piece even better.  What pieces do you have in your basement that you could re-purpose? 

At the show today I was asked by several people about custom work.  I've received lots of requests for that lately which is awesome!  I love working on people's existing pieces because it's a fun challenge trying to take what's ultimately the client's vision and make it come to life.  This is also the very reason why custom work can be absolutely terrifying.

To start, the more input you have on the piece, the better.  This will help ensure we create the piece you're after.  Remember our Furniture Friend Kim who came over to check out the Quincy Desk?  Well she's been back over to check out paint samples, finishes, hardware, etc.  She initially wanted a coral color and based off the paint samples we tried she ultimately decided on a vintage peach color that is stunning.  

The color on the left is the new Quincy!
Once I get the painting complete, we'll look again at hardware and different finishes.  She's involved in the process and this is going to help both of us achieve her vision - even if it changes as we go.  

How we handle custom work is kind of like getting an estimate for work done on your home.  Except I'm working on your dresser not building you a new addition.  It's near impossible to give an estimate without seeing the piece so we'd come meet you and your own Furniture Friend and talk about what you want done.  As some of you know we do traditional restoration and furniture repair along with custom painting.  Once we see the piece and can determine what it needs, we'll then work up an estimate that will include pricing for time and labor, materials, and pick-up/delivery.  We then bring the piece back to our shop to work our magic.  I will send pictures of the progress and am always happy (and encourage) to have the client stop by and tell us what they think.  Remember - that's how the Beach Chest ended up with her turquoise wash, at the suggestion of the client!     

Have some furniture you'd like to update instead of replacing?  Contact me and let's take a look!

On to the show - today's show was a lot of fun, even more fun than last week because this week we actually sold stuff!  Of course, the stuff we sold was small and light-weight, and didn't make me break a sweat when I carried it, but that's ok.  Pictures below!

 Chalkboard tins fabulously arranged by my mom!

The ever popular Dylan Desk complete with gorgeous hydrangeas compliments of Terry's mom!

More hydrangeas in our Chocolate Pot set! 

Terry hangs out with some pretty girly stuff so I've got to let the man have some fun, even if it is demonstrating a tea party by drinking out of our Noritake sugar bowl.

Overall it was a great day, and we met some great people.  We're going to take the next couple weeks off from shows because I'm traveling for work.  But we'll be sure to post when our next show date will be!  I'm sad to report that we won't be back to the White Oak Farmers Market, but we plan on doing the Olney show twice a month.

And Terry just advised that we'd probably move more of our big stuff if we don't wear our sunglasses at the shows.  Ok then.  My apologies if our sunglasses have at any point offended you.


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