Friday, May 31, 2013

Go Time.

Well folks it's almost Go Time.  Once I complete this update, I'm going to huddle up with my furniture friends and give 'em all a pep talk.  They're going to look their best, they're going to feel their best, and they're hopefully going to find good homes to love them as much as I do.  

Seriously, come buy a table or two.  I promise I won't cry.  

But before we do our furniture huddle, I have one more piece I want to share.  He may be last, but he's certainly not least.  Meet this guy:

I got this handsome fellow from a friend of mine who is getting ready to have a baby.  Evidently babies need things like nurseries, and cribs, and so she cleaned out her guest room in preparation.  Babies also don't need sweet little pedestal tables, so I got it.  Thanks Baby - I totally owe you one!

I really struggled with the color on this guy, because I couldn't come up with anything that would do him justice.  The only option I could really envision was pink (must have been my hangover from The Little Italian Table).  But then I remembered I had some grey paint samples left over from when we painted our house last summer.  It's evident which color won out.

The best part about this guy?  He came from Woodies!  He's got his original Woodward & Lothrop furniture tag on the bottom.  It's still there, I keep things like that intact whenever possible.  So with the vintage element, this little guy is a steal!  

Come meet him tomorrow from 10 - 2 at the White Oak Middle School Farmers Market!  There's wonderful fresh produce, meats, fancy olive oils and vinegars, jewelry, and the best pickles ever.  

And of course, some really, really awesome furniture friends looking for good homes. 
See you tomorrow! 

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