Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Little Italian Table

Check this guy out!

Smells like Baked Ziti and success.
So the other night we celebrated Mother's Day at an Italian restaurant we've frequented forever.  Like seriously, since I was at least 10. In the lobby there was a little brown table adorned with sad little silk flowers, and as I tend to do with furniture my instinct was to take it (I was going to return it).  Mom urged that maybe I not steal furniture from a restaurant that views us as regulars.

So fine.  I asked the two guys that run the place, John and Jason, if I could borrow their little table, fix it up, make it pretty, and bring it back with a couple of my business cards.  I'm thrilled to say they warmly accepted my offer.  As I was showing them pictures of some pieces I've already done, I asked if they had a preferred color.  I have some nice blues, a grey would look beautiful, and I have a gorgeous red.  

These men requested I paint the table pink.

If you know me at all, you know my first inclination with everything I work on is to paint it pink and replace the hardware with glass knobs.  I have to be mindful of the fact that not everyone favors pink the way I do.  But now I have the chance to embrace my love of pink and glass knobs and give my favorite Italian restaurant a pink table.  

In other news, tomorrow night we have our first appointment to go check out two pieces in need of custom work.  It's for my dental hygienist.  I'm kind of afraid she's going to ask me about flossing again.  But luckily, it's my poor flossing habits that got us in the door to check out her stuff!  Yay for gingivitis!* 

*I don't really have gingivitis, and I'm an exceptional brusher which compensates for my lack of flossing.


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  1. I know John and Jason are going to their new pink table! I can't wait to see the finished product.