Monday, May 13, 2013

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye...

I have the Boyz II Men song stuck in my head because this little lady went to her new home today.
I've had this piece hanging around for a while now.  I wasn't very diligent in posting it for sale, and surprisingly she came home with us last week after our show.  Needing room in my basement to move on to other projects, I needed stuff to move and posted her for sale again last week. 
Named after my favorite Golden Girl, Blanche and I have history.  I picked her up last fall with visions of using her in place of a corner table we have now in our living room.  I had her in the basement just waiting for Spray Paint Weather so we could dress her up.  But then I got bored and antsy and we had some leftover coral paint from our bathroom so I painted her by hand. 
I painted her while I was home with the flu for a week.  And then my fever broke and I realized I probably shouldn't paint while I have the flu as I was delirious and high on meds, so I had to sand her and give her another coat.  But she complied and was a gorgeous finished product.  
I guess she hung around so long I never thought she'd leave.  She went home with a pretty cool 20-something girl who drove all the way from Arlington in rush-hour traffic (it only took her 45 minutes!) to pick her up.  She'll have a good life ahead of her; a life full of drunken debauchery and a hang-over or two.  She'll flirt with boys, and make out with coffee tables.  It's the life Blanche deserves.  

I'm getting emotional over furniture.

So long Blanche, use protection. 


  1. Blanche is a legend. The first of many. Only 45 minutes from Arlington in rush hour? Blanche's new owner got away with an easy one. :)

  2. This is stunning!!