Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sweet Dreams

An early update tonight, but fear not I'm headed back to work as soon as I'm done to put the finishing touches on our pieces for Saturday's show.  But first I wanted to share a sweet little night stand!

So remember my cousin with like, 6 garages who gave me this piece?

Well I got some other pieces from her as well, and I'm proud to say this next little guy rode home with me seatbelted into my passenger seat.  Unfortunately I don't have a before picture, but here's the after:

Alright, it's pretty, but what's so special about it?  Wait for it...

Chalkboard detail on top!  Full disclosure: I didn't paint the chalkboard detail, it's actually a removable chalkboard decal.  But it was exactly what I needed to make this an exceptional piece.

Last night was a late night, and I have no doubt tonight will be the same.  I may be tired but the color combination makes me think of lullabies and counting soft, fluffy sheep.  So I'm calling this little guy the Lullaby Table.  Come meet him on Saturday!

The Shining is on tv and I'm beginning to relate a little too well.  I better get back to work before creepy, twin girls appear at the end of my hallway.  More to come tomorrow!

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