Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Repeat Performers

We have a couple repeat performers from last month's show that will be making an appearance at our upcoming show this Saturday.  I'm sad these guys haven't found a forever home yet, but I know someone will love them as much as I do.  On to the pictures!

Meet Stevie:

Stevie was a little rough when I found her, but check out those legs!  How could you not love her? 

With a little blood, sweat, and tears Stevie shined up beautifully.

Painted in a soft blue she will look great in any room, and complement any wall color.  
Basically, she's easy to get along with.

Stevie is ready for purchase and will be available this Saturday!  Come check her out!  
Creepy childhood painting of my father not included with purchase.

We've also got the always gorgeous Candra mirror. 

She's a big lady, but that just means there's more to love.  And who doesn't love to look at themselves?!  Mirrors can't ever be too big, in my opinion. 

And check out her scroll work:

Painted in a mossy green and then antiqued with a soft white-wash, she couldn't be more elegant.  Come meet her on Saturday and see how pretty she makes you feel! 

That's all for now as my motherly duties are needed.  We had a thunderstorm this evening and Frito won't come out from under the bed.  I may need to do some serious excavating just to get him to go outside before we call it a night.  All in a days work, my friends.  
Check back tomorrow for more show pieces!

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