Monday, May 20, 2013

A Tail of Two Bosses (See What I Did There?!)

Today my real boss at my real job asked how much time I spend in the evening working on my furniture.  That might have been better phrased as "I'm concerned about your mental well-being because you're starting to look a little crazy in the eyes and like you might be in need of a nap."  I appreciate his sensitivity.

My second-shift begins the minute I walk through the front door.  We go through our evening routine: dogs get hugs and kisses and go outside, I change my clothes, dogs get fed and then it starts.  I pick up where I left off the night before (or in some cases earlier that morning before work).  This is mostly due to my lack of patience than it is hard-working nature.  I'm not a patient person.  I want my furniture to hurry up and look as good to everyone else as it does in my head.  This all started because I can't sit still, and that's how it's continued.  I'm not complaining, I enjoy it.  If I'm burnt out, or I find myself working in circles over the same piece, I stop.  I take a night off until I can get it right.  I just need one piece to start coming together to motivate me.  

Tonight, this was that piece:

This fun piece came out of my cousin's many garages (seriously, she has like six garages; it's like she's a rapper) at her new house.  A funky piece that deserved a funky color.  Love it, and I know someone else will too.  

Last week we had a collective office clean-up day at work.  This meant lots of free stuff up for grabs.  I noticed my colleagues put all the free stuff out while I was out of the office running an errand.   I was a little salty about the coincidental timing.  But alas I can't resist a FREE sign no matter how salty I may be so I snagged this cute vase. Tonight I got it cleaned up and painted.  I think it'll be the perfect accessory to the Little Italian Table. 

In other news, Kenny found a new throne.

I guess this makes him the boss of my second-shift.  He's not nearly as sensitive about my mental state.  But he is always in favor of a good nap.  

Also, today I got pooped on by a bird while I was in my car.  This has absolutely nothing to do with any of my furniture.  I just felt the need to share.  The odds of getting pooped on while in a car are pretty slim to begin with (at least I think so, I'm not trying to judge your personal life).  But the odds of getting pooped on while in a car by a bird who is not in the same car seem even slimmer.  I'm pretty sure this means I'm going to win the lottery.  Stay tuned for details on how I spend my winnings. 


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  1. I love frito's new throne, lol!