Monday, May 27, 2013

How I Spent My Memorial Day Weekend

Y'all.  I'm tired.  It's been a long weekend, and a long weekend.  But!  We got lots done for our next show which is in 5 days!  A sneak preview to come but first, an update on The Little Italian Table.

Remember, this was her before:

And here she is, all dolled up!

Isn't she the cutest?!  

Here she is in her natural habitat:
I love her, and I really hope John and Jason do as well.  All my hard work must have paid off because my baked ziti was on the house that night.  My parents went with me to return the table and of course eat, and my step-dad was THRILLED that my meal was free.  I've shined up and sold furniture that I've literally pulled from the side of the road, but the fact that I got an $11 pasta dish for free suddenly validates what I do.  Happy early Father's Day, you didn't have to buy me dinner!

Speaking of furniture pulled from the side of the road, that's where this piece came from:
My mom called me one evening and told me in no uncertain terms I needed to get in my car right now and come get this table that was out at the curbSo I did.  

It's heavy.  And ugly.  It had holes (hence the wood filler in the picture), it looked dated, and I had NO idea what I was going to do to make this thing come to life.  

But then, I did.


This little lady's still hanging out in the basement getting touched up before our next show, so pardon the crappy basement pictures.  But I LOVE her.  She's a soft yellow, with a light blue interior, and matte black finished hardware.  She doesn't even look like the same table, and now she's awesome.  She'll be ready to go to her new forever home this Saturday, June 1st!

Also this weekend I got some of my little stuff ready for the show:

There are a couple other projects we're wrapping up and I'll have another sneak preview of what else we'll have available for Saturday's show so check back tomorrow!  

I need a long weekend to recover my from my long weekend.  I also need to find a new boss:
The World's Tiniest Dictator spent the weekend napping in the sun.  Glad someone was able to relax.  


  1. I LOVE the Little Italian Table. Looks fabulous in pink.