Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Stripping

A couple months ago I tagged along with Terry to Home Depot to pick up some stripper for a dining room table he was refinishing.  While we were running through our shopping list to make sure we had acquired everything we came for I loudly inquired, "Did you find your stripper?!"  

Yea.  Hopefully people thought we were super cool and super exciting and not at all going home to stink up our basement with chemicals and sleep with the windows open in December.   

So anyway, that's exactly how I spent my Saturday night: stripping.  Seriously, I was up until 3 AM, stripping.  And then I woke up a mere 4 hours later only to strip some more.  All for this lovely lady; meet Bonnie:

Does this count as girl on girl action?
Pictures don't do this bench justice as to just how funky it was inside.

Stripping in progress.  Take it off Bonnie, take it ALL off.

And now she's all clean and ready for sanding.  Then stain.  Then Poly.  Then new hinges.  But for now I'm just happy she looks like this:

Stripped (a great album by Christina Aguilera). 

I feel like I should have a lot more one dollar bills in my possession after all we went through together. 

The weather cleared slightly this evening and I finally got a little Spray Paint Weather, so I was able to work on our new additions to the patio:
Pay no attention to the dead plant behind the table.
I pulled these guys out of the trash exactly a week ago.  At the time Terry didn't want to assist me in my snatch and grab from the neighbors trash, but he did just so I'd stop talking about it.  I think even he was impressed with how well these guys cleaned up. 

On a sad note, we said goodbye to some old friends today. 
At the very least, I hope the trash men appreciate the lack of brushstrokes.
I'm still a little salty, but our basement was one dead cat away from reaching Hoarder status and I didn't have a lot of room to work.  These guys (there's actually 2 dressers in the picture) didn't make the cut because of the carpentry work required to make them functional again.  The Beach Chest is a good reason to thin the herd, and the best part is she already has a forever home so she won't be around long.   

With that, this stripper is leaving the main stage and going to bed.  Don't forget to tip your bartenders.

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