Monday, February 3, 2014

What I Thrifted This Weekend

In addition to my wonderful birthday celebration, I managed to sneak in not one but TWO thrifting expeditions.  I paid a visit to one of my regulars, and staked out a new (to me) thrift store thanks to my bff who was kind enough to indulge me on the way home from the nursery.

First up, and not pictured above, I scored a new mirror for our mirror collage.

I love the wood tones, especially in contrast to our other mirrors in the collage, which can be seen here.  The texture and shape make this mirror a great addition, I'm slowly filling in the holes!

Now on to the good stuff.  I've mentioned before I have a thing for pitchers.  I've actually tried to contain myself lately and only purchase pitchers that I absolutely love.  Well, I absolutely loved this guy:

And I didn't even find him - my mom did!  

He's my little vintage USA Pottery creamer pitcher and really, how stinking cute is he?!  He's such a bright, cheery turquoise, he'd make any kitchen happy.  He's listed over in my Littles!

From pitcher to picture, I found this at the new (to me) store.

There is just something about it that I love.  The colors, the sweet little kitty cat in the corner, the slightly unrefined and raw artistic talents of Lecky who signed this little gem.  Am I crazy?  Maybe it's just me, but I find this picture so quaint and endearing.  I want to try to jazz up the frame a little bit, the gold tone trim isn't doing anything for me.  Keep an eye out for this sweet little picture to be posted soon!

And lastly, a vintage Anchor Hocking juice glass.  

A little research has led me to believe this is from the Anchor Hocking Line and Laurel collection.  I can tell you right now if it weren't for the lines and it was just the laurel, I probably wouldn't have looked twice at this guy.  I love the stripes; it's a little vintage and a little modern.  I'm probably reading too much into an etched glass, but this glass was too charming to leave behind!      

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