Sunday, January 12, 2014

Martha, Taylor, and a Mirror Collage

For some reason I receive issues of Martha Stewart Living.  At my office.  I'm not complaining, they're always fun to peruse, it's just a little odd that I work for a surgical organization and I've somehow ended up on Martha's mailing list.  I received her February issue on Friday, and this was the first thing I saw when I opened the magazine:

Hey lady - that's my table!

I even showed it to a friend of mine who confirmed "Hey, that looks like your table!"  I've got no beef with Martha; she went to prison and is devoted to her Chows.  At least we know she's got good taste.

There was lots of rambling about building new furniture to accommodate our new sofa in this post, and it occurred to me I never posted a picture of the actual sofa.

And there you have it!  

I've said before that I love the mirror on my table that is now named Martha, but because of it's height it appears as thought it shortens the wall.

It hits part way up the wall, and there's nothing left to continue to draw your eye up.  We don't have spectacular ceilings or anything, but I don't want it to look as thought I've cut the room in half.  My solution to this is a mirror collage.  

It's something I'd been wanting to do for a while.  See, I come from a family of collectors.  Our family mantra is that you have to have at least two of everything.  If it fits, if it works, if you like it, you have to have it in every color, pattern, or flavor.  Which is why when I received this gift for Christmas, I didn't question it:

OK that's a lie, I totally questioned it (to be fair, I didn't realize that it was T.Swift Diet Coke!).  It was very matter-of-factly explained to me as such: "Do you like Diet Coke? Yes.  Do you like Taylor Swift?  Yes.  So you get Taylor Swift Diet Cokes - they're a collectors item."  

Can't argue with that logic.

The point of all this is to say that I come from a family that has a penchant to collect and I am no different, so it was not difficult for me to imagine putting together a collage of mirrors.  Let's take a look, shall we:

I've got a couple holes to fill, but I'm happy with it so far.  By hanging mirrors at the top of the wall, it adds height back into the room.  The mirrors also help make the room look bigger but most importantly brighter.

All of these mirrors came from thrift stores and flea markets, except for one which was saved from the thrash.  Seeing all of them up on the wall helps me visualize what I need as far as size and shape for anymore that I add.  

I love the concept of collages - whether they are groupings of similar pictures, mirrors, whatever - I think it's a wonderful way to create a focal point in any room.  Collages may translate as making a wall look cluttered but to me it feels natural.  As natural as receiving a 6-pack of Taylor Swift Diet Coke for Christmas - love you Andrea! 

And I'm totally not kidding, can you get me another 6-pack for my birthday?  I need two after all; it's better to keep one unopened in it's original packaging.


  1. Nice staging. Love the pillows on the sofa.

  2. Thanks - they were a Christmas gift! The burlap holds up well against dog hair :)