Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Estate Sale I Didn't Go To

Quick update tonight to post some goodies I snagged from an estate sale I didn't even go to!

You see, that's the problem with the 9-5, I miss out on the first day of most estate sales.  And while the man that signs my paychecks is very supportive of my yard sale habit, there's only so far I can push the envelope.  It's one thing to be a few minutes late because I'm rescuing some awesome table legs from a curb-side trash pile, it's another thing entirely to leave for 2 hours to dig through someone's basement.

Luckily I have my mom and Terry's mom who are more than happy to shop for me!  And today, that's just what we did.  This estate sale sent out pictures in advance of some of the good stuff that would be available.  So mom called me and I walked through the estate sale via pictures online, and I was even able to find something that she had over looked!  It's this gorgeous lady:

I am so in love with this mirror.  Also?  It has feet!  I love nothing more than a good set of feet (my day job must be rubbing off on me more than I think)!

I try to stay away from the small stuff since it doesn't translate very well online, and only does marginally well at our shows.  But this lovely lady can hang around as long as she'd like, I don't mind enjoying her while I can!

Also picked up from the estate sale I didn't go to are quite possibly two of the cutest pitchers that have ever existed.

I kind of have a thing for pitchers (and china, and chocolate pots, and mirrors...) but I don't have the space to have a thing for anything really.  But I couldn't pass these guys up, even if I didn't see them for the first time until I already owned them.  I mean seriously, who could say no?

The blue guy is a Hall 633 Pitcher, which just makes him extra cool.  Alas, all of these awesome finds are listed in the items for sale section (maybe if I was better about listing my little stuff it would move better than I think!).  Go check 'em out!

This will be the last update for a couple days.  We've got a busy couple days ahead as we wrap up some of our bigger projects, and get them delivered and picked-up.  Tomorrow we're delivering a set of chairs (including the Chippy Chairs!), Sunday we're delivering a buffet, and Wednesday we're saying goodbye to the Quincy desk.  In between all this we have an appointment to check out some additional furniture in need of custom work, and I've got a new table to start and finish for someone by Tuesday.  All of these projects will be wrapped up by Wednesday, just in time for me to head to Vegas for a meeting.  Are you as tired as I am?    

In the midst of all this I came to realize that I'm in need of a little accent table to sit in the corner of our living room.  I wish I knew someone who painted furniture.  Maybe I'll use June until she finds her forever home!

Pictures of all of our completed projects will be posted so check back to see some awesome before/after pictures! 

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