Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day: A Week Later

Terry got me a beautiful flower arrangement for Valentine's Day and I got to enjoy them for exactly 3 days before I had to leave for Atlanta.  I wanted to prune the stems before I left but ran out of time so I gave them fresh water and crossed my fingers they'd last until I made it home.  In my absence I only lost a couple roses and some filler/greenery, so when I returned home today I pruned and rearranged.  

Replacing my engagement Tulips in the blue vase are my white Hydrangeas. 

Placing arrangements in front of a mirror makes them appear fuller and the reflection is striking.

These Hydrangeas are massive.  I was afraid I'd have to break out the chainsaw to prune their stems.  They are absolutely stunning, and a week later they're still going strong!  My absolute favorite flower, these guys are a nice reminder that in spite of the snow-dirt on the ground Spring is coming.

I love this picture - the reflection from the mirror creates a perfect spotlight for these lovely pink ladies.

These are the prettiest pink Roses I've seen and I'm sad I lost some while I was gone because I think the full half-dozen in the original arrangement would have look precious trimmed down to fit one of my vintage milk bottles.  But the three remaining do the trick nicely, and they're gorgeous with our grey bedroom drapes to serve as a back drop.  I love the reflection of the roses in that last shot!

I miss my flower friends outside. It's hard to believe under the foot of snow Tulips and Hyacinth, Peonies and Salvia are waiting patiently to come to life.  Until then, cut flowers along with all my indoor plant friends help bring life inside.   

In other news, Terry keeps remarking on how wonderful the flowers smell, and how he can smell them throughout the entire house.  I don't have the heart to tell him he's smelling the scented candle I got for my birthday.  


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