Sunday, February 9, 2014

Exciting News!

YOU GUYS!!!  OMG!!!  


Meet Josephine!

Josephine is a gorgeous solid oak drop-leaf accent table in a grey stain.

I distressed the stain to give her a rustic finish, which helped in highlighting her natural wood grain.

I sealed her with wax.  I wanted to stay true to the rustic finish I was going for, and a satin poly just wouldn't have done the trick.  Josephine (Jo for short, we're close like that) is listed over in the Furniture for Sale section, and you can check out her Craigslist posting here.

Oh, and what's that hanging out with Jo?

It's my sweet little Lecky picture!  Remember this is what she looked like last week when I brought her home.

I wanted to punch up the frame a little bit to bring her beautiful colors to life.  And now here she is!

She's darling, and you can check her out under the Littles for Sale.  I am so happy with both pieces - I couldn't wait to share the exciting news!  

What?  Were you expecting an update on some other exciting news?


  1. Don't forget to mention how soft and smooth to the touch!

  2. Yes! Because she has been waxed, she have a very soft texture! You know, if you're in to petting furniture.