Sunday, February 16, 2014

Drawer Shelves

Way back when we gutted the wardrobe to make room for the shelving, I asked Terry to save the drawers that were inside.  There was some muttering under his breath as he went out to rescue them from the trash and it sounded something like "Why can't we throw anything out" but I chose to ignore him because once he saw what I wanted to do with the drawers he'd thrown in the trash he'd be eating his words. 

Today was that day.  I was going to to hang the drawers on the wall as shelving.

This was a project I really wanted to tackle when Terry wasn't home.   Not to be surreptitious but because Terry can be bossy when it comes to projects like this.  I knew what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it.  But since my way isn't necessarily his way, he decides it best to take control of the whole project and then suddenly it's a thing and it didn't really need to be a thing because I knew what I was doing in the first place. 

He's going to be so mad if he ever reads this.  The last post he read was my final update on the wardrobe.  He complained I made him sound like an ass.  I explained that if that was his perception of my post, than so be it.  A journalism degree taught me to only report the facts, and the facts were on that particular day he was being very bossy (namely about watching the carpet).  Incidentally that was the same day we got engaged. 

I digress.  Terry isn't bossy, he just likes to do certain things his way.  All the time.  The one hiccup with my shelving plan was a small lip on the bottom of the drawer fronts which would have prevented them from being flush with the wall.  My solution was to trim the lip.  Terry's solution was to talk about all the reason's why we couldn't trim the lip.  We didn't have a straight edge, we didn't have a clamp, hell we didn't even have a pencil to draw the straight line where we needed to trim.  

I found a pencil.  He drew a line.  We used my mini-skill saw.  The end.  

To be fair, Terry was helpful.  He found me longer screws to hang the drawers with since the screws I planned on using weren't long enough.  He also taught me how to countersink the screw heads so they'd be flush with the wood instead of sitting on top of the wood.

And when all was said and done he said "Wow! I'm really glad we didn't throw those drawers out!"

 This is hardly an innovative idea, but it is something I've wanted to do for a long time I just haven't had any spare drawers laying around.  I toyed with the idea of refinishing the drawers themselves, but ultimately they were in pretty good shape.  A little Old English, and they're good as new.  Check out that wood.

These are hanging in our bedroom and I love the warmth of the wood against the cool of our wall color.  The texture and color helps break up the space.  They're perfect, and have reinforced my belief in never throwing anything out ever.  I may have even made a believer out of Terry. 


  1. which wall in the bedroom? Would that be "Peony" on the top shelf?

    1. Peony is on the top shelf, now joined by For Whom The Bell Tolls and Robinson Crusoe. Shelves are on the wall by the closet, above Kenny's crate. He enjoys reading the classics in the evening with a nice glass of scotch.