Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Birthday Bulbs

As February comes to an end, so do my birthday celebrations.  Sunday was the last celebration, spent with my bestie.  Initially the plan was to do what we do best - plant shopping.  But it turned out to be a happy birthday for Toyota too, and I had to shell out an unplanned lump sum to get my car serviced.  This took a toll on my plant budget.  As I forlornly reported this to the bestie she merely smiled and told me to open my birthday present.

Proving she is my true spirit animal, a gift card to our favorite nursery awaited me.  To feed the addiction. 

I'm in love.

Included with the gift card was a dish towel featuring one of Kenny's cousins that speaks the truth, AND some pre-planted Hyacinth bulbs ready to come to life.  I truly love this idea; it's so unique and thoughtful.  What an awesome, awesome gift - thanks again, stud!

My gifted bulbs helped inspire my own bulb work.  I often overlook bulbs because they require patience.  I'm more of an instant gratification type of girl, anxiously awaiting the before and after.  But bulbs seem like a great way to fill the time between now and Spring, so I'm giving them a shot in some planters.

Pictured here are two types of Begonias, and pink and purple Freesia.  Not pictured are the Ranunculus bulbs that were soaking in luke-warm water.

And before you even ask, yes.  Yes, my Begonias are going to look exactly like that.  

All bulbs are planted in a variety of planters, catching rays by the basement window.  I'm holding my breath, and checking their status daily.  I. Just. Want. Flowers. 

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