Sunday, February 2, 2014

Let the Celebrations Begin!

That sweet little journal was a birthday gift and I absolutely adore it.  Aside from being beautiful, it's so full of hope and serves as a great reminder.  I've taken to hand-writing my blog posts prior to typing them because I find I write better that way, so this journal is a perfect gift.  

Yesterday kicked off the first of my birthday celebrations, starting with Terry's family.  A mouth-watering meal of wings and ribs that were grilled which almost never happens in February.  I love cook-outs and I love cook-out food, so to be able to have one in conjunction with my birthday was a dream come true.  And of course, there was cake.  Three cakes to be exact.  

But even better than the cakes?  Sparkler candles.

Sure that might be a look of mild concern on his face, and there was some momentary fear over the dining room table catching fire, but it was worth it because my cakes were beyond awesome.  And everyone's eyebrows are still in tact.

Today wasn't technically a birthday celebration, although it felt like it because I had so much fun.  My bff and I went plant shopping.  Again.  You may remember my bff from this post back in August. We both admittedly have a plant problem, and this time was no different.  It was basically August Part 2: The Houseplant Edition.

The bigger box is totally hers.  Again, I'm pretty sure this is not how normal people shop for plants.

But I scored my highly-coveted Sedum Burro (or Sedum Burrito, if you're my mother)!

I had a new little pot at home that was craving some succulents, so I picked up these little guys too.

Ribs, cakes, sparklers, plants, and of course some thrifting - what more could a girl ask for on her pre-birthday weekend?  

Update tomorrow on my thrifting finds from this weekend!


  1. Please remember that plants are living breathing beings and need love, care and nurturing.

    1. They like it when I sing Whitney Houston songs to them, softly, while I mist their foliage.