Sunday, January 26, 2014

"You've Been Taking Pictures of the Plants for a While Now - Is Everything Ok?"

I'm tired of the snow that's been on the ground for nearly a week.

I'm tired of hop-scotching into the house, jumping from rug, to mat, to towel in an effort to keep from tracking Winter into our home.

I'm tired of wearing two pairs of pants.

I'm tired of walking like a penguin.

I'm tired of finding out the hard way whether that's ice on the ground or if the pavement is just wet.

I'm tired of having perpetual hat hair.

I'm tired of swerving down the road like a drunk person in an effort to avoid potholes that are large enough to eat my entire car.

I'm tired of being cold.  All the time.

Which is why I've kind of become obsessed with plants.

Evidently my green-ish (maybe it's more turquoise) thumb has been itching since Summer ended and I've slowly been cultivating some indoor plant friends!

Plants are lovely when I don't kill them!

Plants help clean the air which makes my cleaning OCD squeal with delight.

Plants also provide an organic element to home decor through texture and color.

Plus I kind of love fun flower pots and planters.

These two plants I've had the longest - probably close to seven years.  

They've been near death several times, and at one point my mother threatened to claim custody of them because "For God's sake Tiffany, all you have to do is water them, how is that hard?!"  Needless to say we've all pulled through just fine.

This guy helped start the plant trend in our home by simply refusing to die.  

He was sent to me by my office when my grandmother passed away.  He's almost a year old now, and to quote the movie Jaws: "We're gonna need a bigger boat."

And we're one month in with my beloved Gardenia.

It's been a little touch and go, but there's new growth every day so I remain hopeful.

All my plant friends remind me that Spring is around the courner.  They are the hope of what's to come.  I talk to them, mist them, and plead with them when I fail to remember they have needs too.  Fingers and paws crossed that come Spring I won't get so distracted by what's in bloom that I'll forget about my indoor friends that have made me so happy during the grey Winter months.