Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thrifting in the New Year

A couple weekends ago I made my first thrifting trip of 2014.  I visited one of the nicer stores in my thrift store arsenal; it's bigger, brighter, and the aisles are larger.  All key components for a successful experience.  This particular store seems to be less expensive as far as housewares and other stuff, however their clothes are a little pricier than some of my regular stores.  The only real downfall of this store is they're not close enough for me to visit regularly, and they don't tend to have a lot of furniture.

Nonetheless, I scored some goodies!

I talked about wanting to bring some color into the bedroom here.  One of these days my amaryllis will no longer be with us, so I am looking for something a little more permanent.  Once upon a time I had a beautiful white duvet cover that I loved.  I still have it, and I still use it but with two dogs it's no longer exactly white.  In my search for a new duvet cover I found little that I liked except for this one: 

FYI - That's not my bed.  

The colors are rich and bold, yet not overwhelming, and I love the design.  However I do not enjoy the price (full details here).  Well lo and behold, what did I find on my first thrifting trip of 2014?  

This quilt:

That's my bed!

It's brighter than what I initially had in mind, and I'm not certain it works as well with the existing colors in our bedroom, but with the right sheets and shams it could.  The hints of aqua in the quilt also work nicely to tie in our aqua and coral master bathroom.

It's super soft, and was priced way better than the original duvet cover that I liked.  Plus it's machine washable, which is always key.   

Also purchased: my french super canisters!

They're super, and absolutely gorgeous!

 Terry complains because he can't fit his man-hands in to scoop out the sugar for his cereal.  Raisin Bran doesn't need sugar, it's sweet enough.  

This is one time I'm in favor of form over function.

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