Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Obligatory New Years Resolution Post - Part III

One day last week while I was home over Christmas break I took a nap.  I love naps and think they should be federally mandated.  

This particular day happened to be one of the coldest with warnings about wind chills and low temperatures.  The sun was out though and I found Kenny on our bed, cat-napping dog-napping in the sun.

So we all dog-napped in the sun.

Dozing off with two dogs and the sun on my face was glorious.  It served as a reminder that not only do we need more Dentasticks because the boys have some serious dog breath, but that I am so fortunate to share a nap with my boys.

So I resolve to take more naps.  Sort of.

Seeking balance isn't only to maintain my sanity.  It's to allow for more naps with my dogs.  It's to make time to love more.  

I don't mean just loving the obvious - my boys (all three of them), our families, etc.  It's about taking the time to love the things that often get overlooked.  Our home, for one.  I love our little house, and it certainly has become a home in the year and a half since we moved in.  But certain things about our home got ignored, for example the two mismatched sofas we had in our living room.

Taking the time to love my space, which in my case meant finally purchasing the damn sectional sofa we had talked about getting for three years, has created a sanctuary.  Our home was already our safe place, but now it's become a comfortable space that is relaxing (so long as you pardon the barking) and cohesive.

The sectional of course required new furniture to accommodate it, which Terry and I worked hard on creating.  First we built a new coffee table since we needed something more square than rectangular.  

Yay for reclaimed wood!

Then we worked on our new entry way table.

More reclaimed wood, and one half of an old set of french doors.

I loved this mirror the minute we brought it home, but I had no where to put it. It's so big and heavy it's really ideal for a mantle.  I'm happy to finally show it off!  

Oh right - New Years resolutions...  The point of all this is to say that by giving our home a little love I've created a space I long to be in for reasons other than it's where I live.  In turn my home has loved me back.  So that's the resolution in this long-winded post - to take the time to love a little more.  Give a little love to aspects of myself and my life that might get neglected, and get a little love in return.  

Oh yea, and totally take more naps.


  1. Dexter's Balance is Fart, Play, Love

    1. I don't imagine Julia Roberts would want any part of that sequel.