Thursday, January 9, 2014

Obligatory New Years Resolution Post - Part V

Alright, this is the last resolution post for 2014!  This final resolution is two-parts that tie together nicely: patience and hope.

One of the things I learned very quickly when I started this furniture gig was how much patience is required.  From the stripping and sanding, waiting for stain to take, waiting for a piece to sell, patience is a requirement from beginning to end. 

Lo and behold, I am not a patient person.  I try to rush things in an effort to finish faster and hurry on to the next project.  Then I make mistakes.  Then I get frustrated.  Then I want to walk away forever and say lots of cuss words.  This year though I am actively going to work towards becoming more patient.  When I catch myself getting frustrated through my own impatience I'll take a step back and remind myself of all the good that comes from being patient, like puppies and flowers and cake.

Getting today's stuff done yesterday does not free up today - it only allows for more stuff to get done in it's place.  In short, my impatience will never allow for more naps so it's better to trust in the moment.  

To hinge off of patience, comes hope. 

Hope is this Gardenia that at least two people, including my mother, told me not to buy (I'm sorry mom, sometimes you just have to let your kids make their own mistakes).  I was warned to avoid this plant because of it's fickle nature, yet I trepidatiously planted it anyway.  

Hope are the buds waiting patiently to bloom.  Hope is catching my breath when I spotted this flower. 

Hope won't let it die and patience will keep it alive.

So this year I resolve to hope.  Hope for change, hope for peace, hope for cheeseburgers for dinner.  Hope is pink and bright and greets us at the start of every day.  Hope is what keeps us going.  

Embrace hope and patiently, anything is possible. Like keeping these resolutions.  


  1. What about Faith?

    1. I already have Faith - she lived with me for a week in November!

  2. Nice work on V. How's those naps going?

    1. I have one scheduled for Sunday, January 19th, approx. 4 PM.