Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ramblings from 36 Hours of Travel

  • Arrive at airport and immediately spend far too long in airport "bookstore".
  • Decide books are crap.
  • Leave bookstore in just enough time to achieve the impossible: obtain breakfast from McDonald's!  Deem trip a success.

  • Socks with sandals are rampant in the airport.  Feel sad.
  • Begin reading newly purchased book and rescind previous statement that "books are crap."  Kudos to Piper Kerman - this book is awesome.
  • Loathe the smell of airplanes; smells like jet fuel, recycled air, and desperation.  Consider inventing new aromatherapy flights featuring relaxing fragrances like vanilla, lavender, and eucalyptus.  Vow to investigate this venture upon returning home.
  • Hit vicious turbulence - screw aromatherapy, new goal is to not vomit.
  • Reading a book about prison while flying allows for several accurate comparisons between prison and air-travel.  Begin to feel like a prisoner of the plane and take it personally when asked to return my seat to the up-right position.   
  • Florida smells like Summer.  Consider relocating.
  • Remember Florida has alligators, re-think aforementioned move.  
  • FACT: The one time you travel with only a carry-on is the one time your carry-on will break.
  • Weeknights in a hotel bar are depressing.
  • Appreciate all the natural lighting in the hotel lobby.  
  • Airports are a private hell for people who are naturally fast walkers.  Navigating around man with travel pillow is proving difficult.
  • Dear Florida: When it's 50 degrees outside, it's ok to turn off the air conditioning.
  • FACT: No matter who you are, a McDonald's cheeseburger will never not taste good.
  • Arriving at the baggage claim of your home airport is sad when there's nobody to meet you.
  • Feel an odd sense of pride when parking garage attendant notes she can smell your car from her booth and "it smells real good!"
  • Hitting all the green lights heading home is like the universe welcoming you back.  This didn't happen to me, but I imagine it would be nice. 
  • Nothing is greater than arriving home to puppy kisses and a hot shower.
  • Whether you're gone 36-hours or 36 days, one thing remains true:


  1. Love this girl! You always make me chuckle!
    Appreciation for the quick trip! Thankful you are home safe for your munippies & us!

    1. Always thankful for a safe, quick trip, especially in January! Happy to be home :)