Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Loving Him Was Red

Yea, that might be a Taylor Swift song.  And yea, I might be 31.  And no, I don't entirely understand what she's singing about in that song because it might be a little too emotionally mature for me but so what, it applies to my post.

I am pleased to report that I finally completed a project.  This handsome devil (see what I did there?) is done!

Since our new-ish living room furniture is technically considered neutral in color I've been itching to bring in some color.  This chair now sits immediately inside out front door and is a bright cheery pop of color.  Added bonus, it serves as the perfect spot for this turquoise pillow I picked up over the summer.

I love turquoise and red together - I think they make such a sweet vintage color combo.  I also love coming home to this delightful chair.  Especially on days like today when it's grey and snowing! 

Somewhat related - my amaryllis came to life last week.

We get wonderful sun in the bedroom where this lady lives, and she catches the light so nicely.

 I could take pictures of her all day long.  Again more "neutrals" in the bedroom, although our wall color could pass as blue in the right light, but Ms. Amaryllis serves as a whole different pop of color from my red chair.  Same color, same concept but in completely different rooms with completely different items of accent.

Short update tonight as I'm not feeling the best.  I'm not sure if it's the cold weather, if I'm just sore from all the manual labor I did yesterday (I worked my rear off!), or if I am in fact the next victim of the flu outbreak at work (in spite of all previous flu victims, myself included, having received a flu shot). 

Regardless I just mentioned to Terry I was not feeling that great and I was afraid I had a fever.  He offered to get me some Tums.  For both of our sakes, lets hope I'm better by morning.  

I leave you with gratuitous dog pictures:


  1. awesome chair colour! Thank god that coffee is decafe.

    1. This chair is the first red project I've seen to completion. Normally red requires so many coats I give up half-way through!