Friday, August 2, 2013

"You do have a blog, you know."

Yes mom, I know I have a blog.  But I've been hard at work getting some new pieces ready to share, otherwise this post would have been nothing but gratuitous pictures from my work trip to Las Vegas.  There are only so many pictures people want to see of me pointing at signs: Fried Twinkie signs, Tiffany & Co. signs (that one never gets old), Celine Dion concert signs, you get the picture.  But one quick picture that doesn't include me pointing:  

I was able to take a quick walk to the Bellagio to check out their flowers and this is what I found.  The entire lobby was covered in hydrangeas!  LOVE.
If you recall, when I left we'd just wrapped up our marathon furniture week.  I'd left the basement with several big holes where several big pieces once lived.  Luckily for me, those holes filled up pretty quickly in my absence; I came home to half-a-dozen little tables, and a vintage wardrobe! 

All are gorgeous, and I even managed to sneak one table upstairs since we were in need of a little table for the corner of our living room.  Terry always tells me I can't smoke my own supply (for lack of a better term) because he knows I get attached to all my pieces.  But since I didn't paint the table - all I did was dust it off and shine it up with some Old English - technically it's not my supply. 

But enough about tables I'm not showcasing, let's get on to the good stuff!  First up, this sweet little girl:

Meet Mabel - isn't she adorable!

She's been distressed, and would look pretty snazzy hanging out with my Farm Chair.

Up next we have a piece that I adore: 

That's Nana's Lamp Table.  Don't worry, Nana is still with us, she's just moved to Florida and no longer needs her Lamp Table.  So we updated him with a Navy Blue finish and wow, I'm in love.  

I love it when things work!  Here's a close-up to get a better idea of the color:

He's so simple and cohesive, which I love.  Speaking of simple and cohesive, here's one more little lady that I wrapped up this week.

This is the Lauren Table, and she came to us all the way from New Jersey.  She's not quite grey, and not quite blue, but somewhere in between.  I love her curves and wanted to keep her finish simple to not distract from her shape.  She's gorgeous as a soft, subtle accent piece that will easily complement any space.

I have two other guys that I hope to wrap up this weekend.  All of the above pieces are listed over in the Items for Sale section. 

And lastly - a huge thank you to all those that helped fill the gaps in our basement while I was gone!  To my dear bestie who transported Lauren and Nana's Lamp Table from New Jersey: thank you for serving as my off-site storage facility while I was across the country.  And thank you even more to her husband who didn't like the Lauren Table which is how I ended up with her!  I couldn't keep doing what I'm doing without your support and willingness to slam on the breaks to snag furniture from the side of the road.  Thank you.  

More pieces to come, stay tuned! 

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  1. yes you do have a blog....thank you very much.