Sunday, August 18, 2013


Y'all.  Omg.  I get ready to log in to blogger to post an update and what greets me but this:

The one on the right is actually kinda cute, but that's not the point.
Are you kidding me?! 

Clearly the 4 pairs of yoga pants I own that look like this were the inspiration.

I knew people thought I looked cool when I wore them to the grocery store.  Now, if water-stained, paint-splattered Uggs with holes in them start being trendy, somebody is getting sued.  

Karl Lagerfeld - call me!  Let's get Chanel the exclusive on these NOW! 

So remember the stain samples I put together the other night that resulted in me looking like a dalmatian?  Well, SOMEBODY (it was totally Terry) moved the sample cans before I had a chance to write down which stain went with which sample board, so we had to create a new one.  Luckily, Kenny was there to advise and oversee the process.

See how neat and organized it looks?  Yea.  Mine looked like that too.

Here's the finished product.  Traditional Cherry is the stain of choice, which is the 5th sample in on the board.

So for the better part of the week people have asked me what's wrong with my feet, and it was all for nothing.  I'm looking forward to wearing sandals again.

In more exciting news besides what's wrong with my feet, June went to her new forever home today.  But as one table leaves, another one comes in, and one more is ready to hit the road.  Jackson's been waxed, and is looking for his forever home!

Also, I'm pleased to report that all my hard work in the garden has started to pay off.  

My first bunch of cut hydrangeas from my very own garden; I didn't buy them, or borrow them from someone else's garden.  I'm excited for next spring when I can take advantage of all my new flowers, pending I don't kill them.  I love them; what I don't love is the cricket that came inside with them. 

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