Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Living Room Re-Do Custom Order

I'm tired and hungry so this is going to be a quick and dirty update.  We delivered a batch of our custom furniture back to it's home tonight and I can't wait to show it off!  The pieces were unrecognizable (in a good way!) to the owners which is always exciting to hear.

First up: Lamps & Mirror, Before & After

The clients currently owned these these pieces and liked them, but they needed an updated look to complement their recently re-painted and re-decorated living room.  So we painted them silver.

These pieces now have an updated look that is sleek and works great in their newly decorated space!

Next Up: Accent Table, Before & After

This cute little table was originally in the client's living room, but like the lamps and mirror it didn't go with the room's new look.  It's a great, sturdy little accent table so we picked a contrasting, accent color that would work in the space and provide a fun pop of color.  The new color gave this table a whole new look and helped showcase the detail in the legs that got lost in the faux-wood finish that was on the table previously.

Lastly:  Sideboard, Before & After

I can't take credit for this piece, it was all Terry, but this piece came to life as we refinished it and it was a pleasure to witness.  With the new wall color, the original, natural finish of the piece got washed out and the piece tended to blend into the space.  And this piece deserves to stand out and be noticed!  In it's new espresso finish this sideboard now contrasts wonderfully and commands your attention the minute you walk into the room.  It's gorgeous!  The gloss poly finish allows the piece to take on a more modern appearance that is absolutely perfect for the space.  All of these details were based off the existing pieces in the room.  The armchairs in the living room have espresso stained arms with a high-gloss finish, the sideboard was refinished to tie in with that detail.    

The best part about all of these pieces is that they already belonged to the clients.  Since we re-purposed them, these pieces are once again loved.  When we dropped them off tonight, the client told me that she had planned to get rid of almost all of them because they didn't work in the space anymore and she had nowhere else for them to go.  And then she met us and we gave them a new life!  That's the most awesome part of refinishing someone else's pieces.  Not only do these pieces have a home to go back to, but we (hopefully) make someone happy with their own furniture again! 

And we must not have done too bad a job, because after tonight we're painting two more mirrors for this client.  We love repeat business! 

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