Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sunflower Babies & Custom Orders

Here they come - my sunflower babies!  These guys literally came up over night about a week ago and I'm so excited for them.  I love sunflowers; they're such a great Summer to Fall flower and it's scientifically proven (no it's not) that you can't be sad around sunflowers.  I put some seeds down in our side yard as well; grow babies grow!

Tonight, Jackson went to his new home:

Similar to what happened with the Woodie table, the client wants to use the table as nightstands.  She asked the magic question: if I had another table similar in style that would work as a nightstand with Jackson.  Remember a couple weeks ago when I snuck one of my little tables upstairs for us to use in the living room?  Well, it's identical to this little guy so we're going to give him the same treatment we gave Jackson.  Voila - nightstands! 

And alas, I'm once again in need of a little table of my own.

You see, when I bring tables home it's very rare there's ever a matching pair.  If I see two of something that I like, I try to snag them because having a pair of anything in our house is a rare treat.  With that said, we sometimes have two of the same type of table.  Not exactly the same, and certainly not a set, but that's ok.  Two tables of similar styles still work great together.  They complement each other without being matchy-matchy.  When pieced together, furniture becomes more fun and natural, at least in my mind.  

Speaking of matchy-matchy, I have a set of twins in our studio right now that I've had for far too long that I've done nothing with.

Those are my Dixie Nightstands, and I'm embarrassed to say they've been sitting there since January.  Not because I don't love them - I adore them!  But because other furniture continues to get placed in front of them.  These are some big nightstands coming in at 30" wide, 30" tall and 17" long.  But they're gorgeous, and check out the storage!  These guys would go for $160 for the pair and this would be a great set to customize.  They would have to be painted, so imagine the possibilities!

We also received another custom order from another client who reads my blog.  She's interested in this lady:

After seeing what I'd done to this table last night, she asked if I'd be willing to stain it to her specifications.  I'm happy to do it!  I knew I wasn't happy with that table the way it was.  My instinct was right, and it's paid off.  Lesson learned, go with your gut the first time so you don't have to undo only to redo.  

That should be on a t-shirt, or a motivational coffee mug.

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