Thursday, August 15, 2013

Accidental Jackson

It's hard to have a bad day when you arrive home to this:

Check out those colors!  No Instagram filters needed for this lady, she's gorgeous all on her own.

So I finally decided I couldn't stand it anymore.  I dragged out one of my tables in progress.  My intent was to sand him down and stick him back in his corner until I could give him the room he needed to be worked on properly.  But when I finished sanding, something happened.

I fell in love - meet Jackson.

I normally don't distress pieces this heavily. 

And truth be told, this was accidental distressing since my initial plan was to give him another coat.

But why mess with a good thing when you look this handsome?  Some of his previous white painted finish is peeking through in spots.  Some of his wood finish is peeking through in others.  But it all highlights his beautiful detail.  And since he's an older piece, he has the natural wear and tear of a well loved piece of furniture.  But he's a sturdy little table that now showcases his age handsomely.  Kind of like George Clooney.  Or Clint Eastwood, like 20 years ago. 

Even Terry gave him the Seal of Approval, and Terry normally doesn't like my distressed pieces because he thinks they look unfinished.  I'll wipe him down real well tonight and wax him tomorrow (the table, not Terry).  For now you can find him listed in the Items for Sale section.

In other news, Frito went for a walk again tonight, this time with just me and Kenny!  We didn't go as far as we went the other night because I was afraid he'd freeze up on me and I'd have to carry him home but we got a good solid 20 minutes in.  All thanks to my little chicken who took a break from world domination long enough to walk with his brother.


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