Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Farm Chair

This cutie patootie went to her new forever home tonight:

This provided me the perfect excuse to pull out my salvaged farm chair, and do a better job showcasing it.  It hasn't gotten the attention it deserves!

Technically I salvaged it from a cottage, so maybe it's a salvaged cottage chair?  This chair, just like the little table above, was such a fun piece to work on.  Due the raw, rustic nature of the wood there is no "perfect" finish which helps take the pressure off.  This chair has history and a story to tell.  All I've done to it is allow it to tell it's story. 

I mean, how awesome is that?!

A huge thank you to our mailman who patiently waited for me to finish taking this picture before delivering our mail!  I promise I'm not weird.  Well, not that weird.   

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