Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fleurs Deuxième Partie

My tangential post about flowers the other day really did have a point.  A point beyond incessant rambling about stuff I'm attempting to grow.  You see, I'm not being a complete sloth while working on custom projects; I was able to complete a project of my own!

I snagged these guys a couple weeks ago.  

My mom had been lamenting the loss of a Lily of the Valley print we didn't buy in one of our weekend thrifting trips.  I'm happy to have passed it up if it meant getting these guys instead.

I'm not sure if they qualify as vintage seed art since they don't look like the typical seed art that I've come across in the past in antique stores, but they say Burpee.  

They're happy little vintage prints that are matted and framed and ready to hang!  The frames have been painted and distressed.  I could have tried to incorporate a color into the frames to pick up one of the colors in the prints but I didn't want to take anything away from the pictures themselves.

I guess if my gardening skills aren't up to snuff I can always have my pictures of flowers.  But in the meantime, these guys are listed in the Items For Sale section.

Now if you'll excuse me, I just noticed that my toes are covered in a stain splotches from the stain samples I was working on.  Such is the hazard of staining in flip flops.  I look like a Dalmatian of the Red Oak, American Chestnut, Cherry variety.  This is why I'm reluctant to get pedicures - time for a shower!  

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