Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How I Spent My Labor Day Weekend

Happy Almost-Fall!  

The windows are wide open tonight and I'm blogging from my satellite office location (commonly referred to as our backyard).  It's so quiet without the AC providing the soundtrack to a beautiful evening.  One of our clients sent me the above pic of some beautiful yellow mums in one of our flower pots and I love it!  The color of the flowers complements the pot, and vice versa.  Who says flower pots have to be boring, I'd much rather provide an enhanced stage for flowers to literally come to life!

We all know how I spent my Memorial Day weekend, and Labor Day was pretty much the same.  The only difference?  All the stuff we worked on this weekend already has a home!  It's cool to see how far we've come just over the summer.  I remember spending Memorial Day weekend with a knot in my stomach wondering who in the world would want the stuff I was working on, and if my time spent in our basement over a long holiday weekend was all for nothing.  I was missing the beach and cook-outs, and the official kick-off of Summer and for what?  I may have been the only one at the time, but I loved every single piece.  That's what kept me working in the basement then, and that's what keeps me working in the basement now.  So again, I traded the beach and cook-outs and the official end-of-Summer celebration for my basement but it's worth it because I love and believe in every single piece.   Well that, and people would be pretty pissed if I didn't complete their stuff on time.

To start we wrapped up Jackson's brother who has already left us to join Jackson as a nightstand.

Speaking of Jackson, we received several requests for him.  And while he may have already been sold we do have several other little tables on hand; here's one I customized for someone who may have missed out on Jackson but instead was able to get her own unique piece! 

How sweet is that little lady?!

We put the finishing touches on some of our other out-going custom work, which I'll post pictures of as soon as their rightful owners see them first!  We also welcomed a few new friends to the basement.  I will post pictures of them once we complete everything we're working on now and re-organize.   

In spite of the furniture frenzy I did manage to sneak in some cooking.  This is not a food blog, so don't get too excited but these pictures were too delish not to share.  

Panna cotta for a friends birthday:

I promise there's panna cotta under all the berry deliciousness!  Also, drink in the office-chic backdrop.  That staple remover totally enhances the flavor.

And we grilled:

Spicy sausage with grilled zucchini, sweet peppers, and onions.  The veggies are from my mother because would it kill me to eat a vegetable once in a while?  And would you look at all that color! 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go put on a sweater.  I'm happy to report my satellite office is a little chilly!

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