Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lamps & Leaves & Scotland Forever

Now that it's Almost Fall (seriously, that should be a new season.  Almost Fall is when you need a hoodie at night but still wear a tank top during the day without being cold.  Almost Fall could also be known as The Weather in Southern California All The Time) it's time to break out my Fall (or Almost Fall) candles.  Nothing in the world makes me happier than the smell of this:

Bath & Body Works candles are my candles of choice.  I'm going to say something pretty controversial here so brace yourselves; I think their Fall fragrances are the best candle line they offer.  

I just lost like, a dozen readers by saying that, I totally know it.

Anyway, I'm a little OCD about my Fall candles.  I have to start with Leaves in September through part of October.  Then I transition to Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin through the remainder of October up until Thanksgiving.  That's when I switch over to our Christmas fragrances like Fresh Balsam and Frosted Cranberry.  They burn until Christmas and then lastly we wrap up December and into January with Fireside Marshmallow.  Fireside Marshmallow segues into Lavender Vanilla and by then it's early Spring and I can start with my floral fragrances. 

I know, I have a problem.  But what's worse - there's a NEW candle I like called Autumn.  How am I going to fit Autumn into my candle schedule?!  This might be keeping me up at night and I might be embarrassed to admit that.  

Candles aside, we picked up some new lamps this weekend.  I'd been in the market for some new lamps for our nightstands but hadn't found any that I loved.  Then I found these guys, and they were the right price (free!) so I figured I'd see how they look.

I kind of love them!  I'm going to look for some new lampshades (remember how I am about lampshades...), and the lamps are kind of as big as our nightstands, but I like that.  They're simple and their size doesn't allow for a lot of bedside clutter which I loathe.  Now the nightstands are begging for a makeover of their own, so they're on my list to get to sooner than later (after staining our coffee table and buying a new sofa...).  I can't decide between a light gray or a dark, graphite color (for the nightstands - not the sofa, but those wouldn't be bad for the sofa either!).  Also please note the Kenny photobomb in the lower right corner of the picture.

He just couldn't stand it and decided he needed to help demonstrate how the bed works.

 Well of course, we can't have one dog on the bed and not the other so Frito needed to get in on the action.

And this is what our bed looks like almost all of the time. 

Speaking of Kenny someone had a run-in with the paint I've been using on a coffee table I worked on tonight.

He'll make a great William Wallace when they remake Braveheart.  Alba gu bràth!  

Don't tell him we're Irish.

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