Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Lauren Table Revisited

When we last left off with the Lauren table I was in the process of stripping the top because I didn't love the way she looked.  

She was cute before, but she wasn't making my heart sing.  I received a request to stain the piece, and since I had no clear vision for the table, I was happy to oblige.  

Here's how Lauren looked before: 

And here's how Lauren left us yesterday ready for her new home:

Truthfully, there was nothing wrong with this little table when she came to us.  She had a great shape, which I loved and I was hoping the painted finish would highlight her curves.  I didn't go with my gut the first time around, which is ultimately what led me to strip her and start over.  She didn't pop.  Now, she makes my heart sing, and she's loving her new home!

Now a brief list of things I've learned since Sunday:
Lesson 1. Oak is a hard wood and in order for you to achieve the stained look you're going for you will ultimately have to paint on the stain.  You will not realize this until you have already stained the piece five times.  And you will speak on this as though you know it will actually work, when truthfully you have no idea.

Lesson 2.  When someone you work with tells you they're going to bring you something old, but they're not going to tell you what it is, you just say "Yes, please!" because it's bound to be awesome.

It's not every day you come home from work with a antique shoe stretchers.  I love everything about this lovely pair - especially the His and Hers element since one is more dainty.  The contrasting mediums of the hard wood and the industrial metal provide such a rustic, raw elegance.  Now I just need to figure out what to do with them.  I want them to serve a purpose (beyond stretching shoes).  

Sure, I imagine they'd make some pretty cool home decor, but you can't just have antique shoe stretchers sitting on a table.  The same person who gave me these has also told me repeatedly it's bad luck to leave shoes on a table (seriously, this happens a lot), so I imagine the same applies to shoe stretchers.  In short we're going to try to re-purpose them.  Stay tuned.

From the same person who provided the shoe stretchers, check out these awesome frames:

I love the idea of a frame collage on a wall, and these guys along with some others I've got stashed in the basement would look great.  But then again, when you've got this guy framed and ready to hang, that gives you reason to pause:

So. Cool.

And lastly, Lesson 3.  Hoodie weather is often times accompanied with gross, snotty funk that leaves your throat scratchy and your face achey.  This is often blamed on The Change in Weather.  The first round of seasonal cold symptoms is abound and I had a sneeze attack so severe this morning I spilled my coffee. 

With that I'm calling it a night!  

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