Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Friends of Quincy

To those of you that may be new here, and may live on the other side of the country (Hi Dianne!) right before I headed to Las Vegas we sent one of our custom pieces off to his new home.  Remember the Quincy desk?

Well tonight, Quincy got some new furniture friends!  The client who helped bring Quincy to life found some other pieces in our basement she was interested in having customized and tonight they went to their forever home.  First up, the Quincy Mirror.

This is the only piece of this custom batch that I don't have a Before picture of, and I'm really sad that I don't.  We liked this mirror because the framing detail was similar to the trim detail of the desk.  What we didn't like about this mirror was the frame itself.  It was a dark, yellow gold with almost black embellishments and looked like it would have been better suited on the set of Three's Company.  So I used the same silver finish I used on the desk trim and now here it is.  Since the finish I used was a glaze, the final product had a subtle antiqued look and took on a pretty cool patina with the hard yellow underneath.

Next up, the shipping crate.

This piece came to us from the neighbor of a friend who received it when he had some tools shipped.  You can see the various airport codes written in Sharpie on the sides.  The whole piece was raw and strong plus it had some awesome hardware.  So what did we do?  

We stained it with a Mahogany finish!  And check out that hardware:

What I love about this piece is all of the contrasting elements.  It's still raw and rough around the edges but the stain softened the overall appearance and gave the crate an almost velvety appearance.  The finish is dark, which contrasts nicely with the metallic hardware.  The client's husband was excited about having a masculine piece so I'm hoping he loves it as much as I do.  

And lastly, the coffee table:

I picked this piece up back in May, at a church rummage sale that my mom made me get up WAY too early to go to.  I loved the legs and the tiered top of this funky fellow.  And here's what he looks like now:

Pardon the swan in the background and check out that bad-ass coffee table!  This is such a fun piece, now that it's gone the basement looks a little darker.  We used a gloss finish on this guy to give him a classy look because he's a classy guy.  And those legs!  So cute.

This was such an awesome bunch of furniture, and each piece has a distinctly different feel to it, which I love.  It's so cool to see this stuff take on a new life and go on to a good home!


  1. Love the mums in the back ground....

  2. Simply amazing. Love to see you doing something you love!!

  3. All my things! Yay! Still love them!