Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wait, Are Those Our Nightstands?

Happy Hoodie Weather, y'all!

I'm not one to put my dogs in clothes, but this little guy shivers if the temp dips into the low 70's so this weekend his little red hoodie (which luckily still fit) helped take the chill off.  He belongs in a J. Crew catalog!  Hoodie weather served as a good reminder that consistently cold weather is on it's way and all those wonderful potted plants I worked on this summer will need to come inside.  Which is why when I saw this sweet little plant stand at an estate sale this weekend I grabbed it!

Sunday was a busy day that had me up almost before the sun.  Since bringing home our new (to us) lamps for the bedroom, the state of our nightstands was killing me.  I kept saying that when I had the time I'd paint them but the thing is I'll never have the time unless I make the time, so today was the day.  Here's how they looked this morning before I took them downstairs.

Frito was very concerned about why and where I was taking our furniture.  

Since we currently use these nightstands, I wanted to try to wrap them up in one day.  By the time Terry woke up and came downstairs I already had a coat on each.  "Wow, look at those cute little tables!" was really how his observation started and was quickly followed by "Wait, are those our nightstands?"  He was almost as concerned as Frito.  He relaxed considerably once I assured him we weren't rehabbing them to sell them, we were rehabbing them for our own purposes: to have nicer looking nightstands.  Plus, I can't very well preach about giving well-loved but dated furniture a face-lift with a little paint and love when my own furniture looks like crap.  

The pictures aren't the best because painting took a better part of the day so it was dark when I brought the end result back upstairs, but here's the finished product! 

I'll try to take better pictures when the room has a little more natural light, but I'm happy with them!  They're grey with black hardware - Terry was equally impressed and mentioned they made the new lamps look better.  Since the lamps were the motivation for the facelift, I'm pleased with his assessment.  

The other motivation for my nightstand makeover is this new (to us) mirror!  

This beauty was gifted to us by a client who no longer had a use for it.  It's stunning beveled glass framed in solid oak.  The client and her husband purchased this mirror when they bought their first home 30 years ago.  At the time they didn't have a lot of money, and this was their first, official, nice piece for their new home.  I'm touched by the gift, especially given that Terry and I are currently at a similar point in our lives.  I can't wait to give the mirror a second life on our bedroom wall.  Today I stripped and bleached the frame.  Up next:  grey stain!  

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  1. Somebody is giving the mirror the sniff test and perhaps maybe admiring himself!