Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Au Revior, BJ & Stevie!

Tonight we met a lovely new Furniture Friend (Hi Clare!) who just moved to the area from Ohio.  She came over to check out the BJ Table.

Well she loved BJ and took him to his new forever home, and she snagged this handsome lady as well!

So long BJ and Stevie - you guys be good!  And do you know where she's going to put BJ?  In her bathroom!  How stinking cute is THAT going to be?!  I totally love that idea and now I want to put furniture in my bathroom... 

Anyway, Clare, bless her heart, asked if she could see what I had going on in my basement.  She wanted to know if I had any other pieces.  So she got the grand tour of our work space (someone we met with yesterday referred to it as our "studio", which sounds so much cooler than "basement/laundry room").  Clare got to see first hand some of the custom pieces we're currently working on, and she got to check out not only what I've completed but pieces I haven't started on yet. 

She got to see what we do.

Sure, it's a little uncoventional for both you and me.  You don't know if I'm a serial killer (I promise you, I'm not, I don't have that kind of time).  You're coming to my home; you'll see my dogs and the coffee stains on the counter top left by Terry who is incapable of wiping them up.  But I've had more people in the past two weeks ask where my shop is located and well for now, it's down the stairs, make a right at the laundry room.  If you reach the fish tanks, you've gone too far.

Interested in checking out our studio?  Shoot me an email, let's schedule an appointment!  Don't worry, I won't make you fold laundry while you're down there.

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