Sunday, March 30, 2014

What I Thrifted This Weekend - OMG Edition

OMG.  It's been like, forever since I've blogged.  Work has been work with one meeting leading straight into another combining post-meeting recon with pre-meeting prep.  Attempting to be witty and profound is difficult when you don't even want to think.  In short: blogging's hard y'all.  I leave for Chicago this week but I did want to sneak in a quick What I Thrifted update.

The above OMG is the cover of this sweet book picked up an indoor yard sale/estate sale this weekend. 

Also found this weekend at the same sale:  ALL THIS AWESOME STUFF!

A table, and an upholstered bench all in need of some TLC.  And the detail!

This sweet little tin cannister - you call it rust, I call it patina.  I'm not sure if those are cherries or strawberries but I don't care because I like both.  This guy is going to be a fun rustic planter, if it ever actually warms up to plant anything.

More awesome, more patina, more rustic, more future planters.  

This sale was the type of sale that didn't have anything priced, the house was trashed within an hour of opening (but not as bad as others I've seen), the signs for the sale were pointed in the clear opposite direction of where the sale was located, but it was awesome.  Lots of vintage treasures at good prices, even if nothing was marked.  A good haul overall and I have to give all credit to my mom for scoring the table.  We went to our first rummage sale of the season last weekend and walked away relatively empty handed.  This sale more than made up for it. 

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