Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spotlight on Frito

Well this doesn't look suspicious.

I walked into our bedroom to find the boys like this on the bed - please note Kenny is sitting on Frito's paw. 

After a rousing game of fetch on the bed, Frito decided he needed to take a load off.

And he continued to stay like that long enough for me to take 75 pictures of him, which almost never happens.

I could not have posed him like that if I tried.  If I did he'd have the whole mopey-ASPCA "stop abusing me" face, which doesn't translate well in pictures.  Unless they're for the ASPCA.  

Not a day goes by that Terry and I don't remark on how far Frito has come since we brought him home a little over three years ago.  We met Frito months before we actually adopted him.  He was at an adoption event, and Terry and I fell in love with him.  However we were in the process of moving in together and the timing wasn't right, so we left him behind.  Fast forward a couple months later, and there's another adoption event but this time without Frito.  Terry was looking at some other small dog, and I reminded him "We said if we were going to adopt a dog it would have been Frito."  The adoption coordinator overheard, said she knew Frito, and he was still available.  Two weeks later, he came home with us.  The stars that had to align to make that connection still astound me.  

We brought Frito home on a Saturday - he didn't come out of his crate until Monday afternoon.  I finally got him to eat by sitting on the floor next to his crate, not making eye contact, and feeding him pieces of pulled pork bbq.  To say he was shy or timid is an understatement, the dog was terrified of everything and everybody.  Before us, Frito had been adopted out once and returned back to foster care not because he was aggressive but because he didn't act like a dog.  Their loss was our gain.  The Humane Society said Frito would never be the dog to greet us at the front door when we got home.  Tell that to the neighbors who have to endure him barking at the window when he see's Terry's truck pull up in the drive way.  Whether it was us, Kenny, or the pulled pork bbq Frito has come into his own, and he's ready for his close up.

People have commented how lucky Frito is to have found us, but it's the other way around.  

We're lucky to have found Frito, twice.

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  1. He is a good dog! And he has the perfect family. Soap wrappers and all!