Sunday, October 27, 2013

Full Metal Locker


It's a locker!

Just hearing the metal door open and close takes me back to high school.

And see that little detail that someone has painted over?  That's the little detail that sold me on this beauty, because that's what will help make this piece genuine.

Someone asked me today "Why in the world did you buy a locker - and what do you even do with a locker?"  I think a better question is what CAN'T you do with a locker.  But before I wax poetic about all of it's useful characteristics, allow me to tell you about a recent trip I took to Homegoods.  

I love Homegoods, truly.  It's where I bought my desk chair in which I am currently sitting.  It was when I purchased my chair about a month ago that I came across a painted and distressed metal locker, made to look salvaged and reclaimed.  It was beat up, scuffed and dented.  The reason I noticed this piece was because my mother who was with me at the time was admiring it fondly.  And yes, admittedly the piece was awesome.  It was bright, it was cute, it was eclectic.  But what made it less so were the other half-a-dozen lockers exactly like it.  Seeing the mass production behind it all made it lose some of it's charm.

This beauty is 100% one-of-a-kind.  Or rather it will be once I'm done with it.  Terry has given me six months to sell this bad boy before he claims it as his own.  Sounds like someone has gotten on board with this whole locker idea.  It's already built out to hang clothes.  I'm thinking of adding a shelf at the top much like a traditional locker would have.  I'm toying with the idea of doing some chalkboard paint on the inside of the door, but it might translate best if I just keep it simple.  Think of it has eclectic storage, a truly unique reclaimed and re-purposed piece.  I can't wait to get started.

In keeping with the metal theme of the evening, I have one other morsel to share that I picked up this weekend.

A vintage Louis Sherry tin!

Growing up, we had one of these in our bathroom.  It sat behind the toilet and held soaps and hair ties and other random bathroom stuff.  It was such a fixture in our bathroom that until I was about 20 I believed that every bathroom came with a Louis Sherry tin.  And that's when I bought my own, which is in our hall bath, sitting behind the toilet holding soaps, etc.  

This one is in far better condition than the one that's in my bathroom now.  The colors truly pop, and the detail is so darling.  With a hinged lid and bright purples and golds, it's so sad they don't make chocolate tins half this nice anymore.  

Since I've run out of bathrooms to populate with Louis Sherry tins, this little lady is listed over in the Items for Sale section!     

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