Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Saturday in Pictures

Aaaah, the rare and elusive Saturday update.  Pink dolphins are easier to find than a Saturday post, but we had a busy day and I'm excited to share.

We hit up a couple thrift stores today, and by we I mean Terry joined me on my thrifting adventures.  I also made him drive the truck.  Which also means that we may or may not have purchased a locker (we totally bought a locker).  Not a foot locker, but an honest to God, reclaimed, full-size metal locker.  I'd share a picture but the locker is still in the back of the truck because evidently it's bad enough we bought a locker, we're certainly not carrying it inside at nine o'clock at night.  More on the locker later once I'm able to snap a couple pictures of it.

But we did get these super cute His & Hers coffee mugs!

They're massive and awesome and we'll now be able to ingest a soup bowl's worth of coffee in one sitting. One guess as to which one is mine... 

I took some hair pics since I'm now one week out from having last used store-bought shampoo.

The dogs were barking, Terry was cussing and we were running late for a furniture delivery so that's my stressed face.  Just focus on the hair.  Now, I will say, the baking soda was making my hair kind of dry (the weather hasn't helped with that either), so I actually haven't used any baking soda on my hair since Wednesday.  I just hop in the shower and spray it down with my vinegar rinse.  

Here's my attempt at taking a picture of the top of my head.  Not too bad!  

The furniture we delivered today; remember these guys from a couple months ago?

Well they went to their new home!  They now look like this:

SO CUTE.  I love the pink and grey combo, and they've made a super cute addition to a guest bedroom.

I started working on these guys today:

These are two adorable little matching drop-leaf end tables/nightstands.  I picked them up from a lady a couple months ago.  She intended to paint them but just never got around to it and decided she didn't have the time so she was looking to offload them.  Lucky for me, I don't have a life and spend most nights and weekends in the basement!  One of them does require a little carpentry work in order to fix one of the leaves, which is why they've sat for so long.  In a perfect world the carpentry repairs will be done tomorrow.  But in a perfect world, I'd have a locker in my basement right now.

Lastly, while we were out and about today, Terry needed to refuel in order to keep up so we made a trip to Starbucks.  And guess what I spied in the back?

Do you know what is in that box marked Holiday?  GINGERBREAD GOODNESS, THAT'S WHAT.  In just a matter of days it will be Christmas in my mouth with the return of their holiday lattes.  Also, I'm not sure why the boxes with bags need to be labeled Caution.  Also, I may or may not be welcomed back to this particular Starbucks location since they didn't seem to appreciate me taking artistic license and photographing their storage space.  I suspect it has to do something with the Cautionary bags.  

That's it for tonight.  Hopefully I'll have some more fun furniture pictures to share tomorrow!   

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